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Texas A+ Tutoring assures you that your student’s education and success is foremost in the minds of our tutors. We serve our students in the following way:

All Subject Matter

Math: Basic Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
Science: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Foreign Languages: Spanish, French, Latin
English: Grammar, Essays & Term Papers, Literature, Reading Comprehension
History: Social Studies, World Geography, American History, World History, U.S. Government
Study Skills & Organizational Skills

Professional Tutors

Texas A+ Tutors have professional degrees in their area of specialty. Texas A+ Tutors have also received training in working with students with learning differences such as ADD and ADHD. In addition to being highly qualified tutors, Texas A+ Tutors also serve as great role models of high integrity and moral character for your developing child.

Academic Mentoring

Texas A+ Tutors assist the student in developing academic responsibility. Academic Mentoring helps the student develop academic responsibility that will facilitate the student gaining confidence and independence for future academic endeavors.

24-Hour Account Management

Texas A+ Clients have 24-hour access to their personal Texas A+ Tutoring Online Account through the Texas A+ Tutoring Online Account Management System. This online account allows clients 24-hour convenience to schedule/reschedule/cancel tutorial sessions.

Flexible Scheduling

Texas A+ Tutoring provides tutorial sessions around the most demanding schedules. All tutorial sessions are scheduled at the student’s convenience to provide the student with consistent weekly tutorial sessions. One-time sessions for upcoming quizzes/tests are also available.

One-on-One Sessions

Each tutorial session of Texas A+ Tutoring consists of a one-on-one session in which the tutor meets the individual needs of the student. Every tutorial session is concluded with a brief tutor/parent conference to identify progress. Group sessions are also available upon request.

In-Home Convenience

Texas A+ tutorial sessions are held in the student’s home to provide student with the utmost convenience for your demanding schedule.

Affordable Rates

Texas A+ Tutoring offers the best rates in the in-home tutoring industry. Session rates vary depending upon services rendered. Please contact the Texas A+ Office @ 214-448-4335 or for the specific rate for your student.


"We have used Texas A+ In-Home Tutoring for this past year and have been extremely pleased. Not only has my daughter improved her grades and her understanding of difficult subjects, her ability to manage her study hours independently has greatly improved. Clint Ehlert and his staff also are very understanding of times where there may be conflicts. We highly recommend Texas A+ In-Home Tutoring for all your children’s study needs.”
Michael B, Parent

"Texas A+ In-Home Tutoring is an extremely professional group of young men and women that are passionate about their ability to teach. Their skills, patience and perseverance with a learning different student allowed our son to excel and gain confidence. I would recommend Texas A+ for all levels of learning."
Susan G, Parent

"I have been working with Texas A+ for 5 months and since that time my comprehension has significantly increased. Texas A+ has help me improved my grades in the classroom, and I actually enjoy math class instead of dreading it."
Stephen C, Student

"We've used Texas A+ for the last two years and with each subject, they tailored the tutoring to meet my child's specific needs.  For Chemistry, we scheduled tutoring on an "as needed" basis, while with Algebra II, we scheduled regular sessions.  We even called for tutoring over lunchtime just prior to testing and Texas A+ was always flexible and willing to meet us at home!  In both Chemistry and Algebra II, my child's grades went from borderline C/D to borderline A/B."
Lucina T, Parent

"As a parent I have been extremely pleased with the service that Texas A+ Tutoring has provided for my two kids. Their concern to understand and get to know each of my child’s needs and personality in order to provide the right tutor has been above and beyond. There has been success academically due to improved study skills and a desire to do better in school. I can't say enough about the integrity and dedication of each tutor."
Martha A, Parent

“Our family has greatly benefited from the Texas A+ In-Home Tutoring services these past couple of years. Texas A+ tutors are always bright, polite, and well prepared.  They know how to quickly put our children at ease and to gain their trust. They also know how to create a comfortable and motivational atmosphere for learning.  We look forward to another successful school year with the help of Texas A+ In-Home Tutoring."
Alison B, Parent

"After a few sessions with a Texas A+ Tutor, algebra had become not a struggle in school for me but a new found strongpoint. Their specific teaching style helped me understand and simplify what I was being taught in school, raising my grades from C’s to A’s."
Bryan L, Student

"Not only did our son benefit from the one-on-one instruction, he actually enjoyed learning math! We loved that Texas A+ conducted the tutoring sessions at our home and at times that worked best for our schedule. We highly recommend Texas A+ to anyone who is not only looking for qualified instructors to tutor their child, but who is also looking for the added bonus that Texas A+ offers: CONVENIENCE!"
Holly K, Parent

"Texas A+ provides top-notch quality tutors who helped my daughter, not only with Algebra II, but also improved her self-confidence. Texas A+ is very dependable and willing to tutor on a flexible or set schedule. I highly recommend Texas A+ for in-home tutoring. They are beyond compare!! Texas A+ is a confidence builder and motivator for the “whole child” and a pleasure to work with."
Penny B, Parent

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